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Strety Changelog #5 2024 | New Releases like Search, Calculated Metrics, and more...
Strety Changelog #5 2024 | New Releases like Search, Calculated Metrics, and more...
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We're continually making improvements to Strety as you can probably sense. So here are the big changes since our last changelog 5 weeks ago.

πŸ”Ž Search

You now have the ability to search for anything within Strety from the top navigation bar. Just click the magnifying glass, start typing, and your search results will come up fast!

πŸ“± Calculated Metrics

Let's say you want to roll-up all of your sales folks weekly quotas into an aggregated team target...or maybe you want to weight certain activities but combine the activity score into a single weekly check-in, you can now build advanced metrics in Strety using our formula builder! Check our this article to learn more

🀝 Resell Strety

If you have clients that are interested in EOS, you can create a trial account for them from your Strety account. We can help you demo to your customer and provide onboarding support as well. If they want to move forward, we'll bill you directly for their users at 30% discount!! Want to know more - Schedule some time with us here

πŸ“ˆ Automated Rock Check Ins (Connectwise or Microsoft Planner)

If you're like us, many times Rocks tie-in closely to projects. Save yourself time by allowing Strety to automatically pull percentage complete from Connectwise or Microsoft and check in a status based on progress within the rock's time period. Here's how to set it up

🎯 Customize Targets on a Metrics

Our most requested feature from Q1 - You can now edit targets on individual cells making it easy to set a variable check-in target for specific weeks or months of the quarter. See how it works here

πŸ’Ό Custom Questions in Reviews

Another hot request - You can now add custom questions to a Strety Review! Give our v1 a test drive and let us know what you think. Be on the look-out for more Review add-ons as we gear-up for Q2's review cycle

πŸš€ And more fun...

There's always small-ish things we work on that bring your feature requests to life. Check out the highlights that didn't make the list above

  1. Turning on & off tools per team

  2. Inviting New Users directly from Create Team experience

  3. Linking To Dos to Connectwise Project Tickets & Activities

  4. Annual Metrics

  5. Client Teams

  6. Custom Date Range in Metrics

  7. HaloPSA Integration

  8. Priority for Issues

If you made it this far, I thank you!!! We're doing this all for you.


CEO, Strety

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