How to Create a New Team
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To create a new team in Strety, click Create Team from the Team dropdown:

Note: Creating teams is an Admin function

Give your new team a name, description, assign members, and determine if you want an L10 agenda to be visible for the team - note you can always toggle this on/off once the team has been created

How to View All Teams

When you click on the team dropdown, you'll see all teams you are a member of. If you want to see every team in your org, including ones you're not a part of, click All Teams

How to set your Primary Team

Since most of Strety's pages are filtered by team and people can be on multiple teams, a user can select which Team is their "primary" team. The team that shows up first when visiting each page.

Just navigate to the Team's page and click Edit and Make Primary

How to Archive (& Restore) a Team

For info on how to archive or restore a team, check out this doc

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