How to Send a Cascading Message
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Keeping teams informed of major decisions, news, and/or announcements is critical to any successful organization. Strety's Cascading Messages feature allows leaders to send contextual messages to multiple teams at once, trickling messages down to anyone who needs to know - or everyone - all at once

Creating a Cascading Message

The fastest way to send a message to multiple teams is via the Quick Create button in the top left

Give your Cascading Message a title, description (include attachments if you want), and determine which teams you want to receive the message

Once the Cascading Message is sent, it will appear as a new Headline for any receiving team. We also add a tag identifying the sending team

Cascading Messages from Issues

The majority of time spent in every L10 meeting centers around the Issues list. This is where teams identify, discuss, and solve (IDS) their most important short term items. Naturally, some of those decisions or resolutions need to be cascaded up, down, or across the organization to keep everyone aligned.

To create a Cascading Message from an Issue, click the 3-dot menu

The Cascading Message editor will be auto-populated w the name & description of the Issue

Note: You can customize the title and description for the recipient teams without it affecting the original title and description of the Issue

The Cascading Message along with a tag identifying the sending team will appear as a new Headline for any of receiving teams

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