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Headlines are any announcements, bits of news, or pieces of information you want to share with an entire team.

Creating a Headline

The easiest way to create a Headline for any team is via the Quick Create button in the top left.

Give your Headline a title, assign the team it's meant for, and add any details or context in the description - you can include attachments

Note: Only one team can be assigned as recipient for Headlines. For cascading or multi-team messages, use our Cascading Message feature

Once sent, the Headline will populate the receiving team's Headline tab where it can be viewed by all team members.

From there, team members can leave comments and even add To Dos off the Headline whenever needed

For team's that run their own L10 meetings, any open Headlines will be automatically pulled into their next L10 agenda for discussion.

Archiving Headlines

Once everyone is up on the news, you can archive Headlines by checking the box to the left of its title - you can archive from an L10 or within a team's Headline tab.

View any Archived Headlines by clicking the 'Show Archived' button

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