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Q: I don't see my Rocks in our L10. Where are they?

A: Most likely your Rocks are set to be personal. For them to appear in L10s, they need to be assigned to a Team. Personal rocks are only visible to yourself and manager. For more on Rocks, click here

Q: Why am I seeing completed Issues in my L10?

A: Issues completed outside your L10 should be visible when you run your next L10. This aligns with the EOS methodology to review what is open vs what's been completed since your last L10 meeting. Upon completing an L10, you'll have an option to archive all completed Issues - those completed during the meeting and any completed beforehand. You can manually archive any Issues ahead of an L10 if you don't want them to appear.

Q: Are the Notes in an L10 private or public?

A: They are public. While it is your own individual note section during the meeting, all notes will be aggregated into the meeting summary for all to see

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