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If you have a coach - or multiple coaches - to help your organization adhere to your B.O.S, invite them to Strety where they can be informed in real time, collaborate across all teams, and help facilitate any meetings where their expertise is needed!

How to Invite a Coach User

From People in Adminland click Invite People. Enter their email, select Coach as their Role

Once a Coach is added, we make it obvious so that everyone knows who the coach users are by outlining their avatar in blue and labeling them with a coach tag

Coaches Permissions & Visibility

Coaches share many of the same permissions as Admins, with a few caveats

  • Coaches are non-billable - limited to 2 per account

  • Coaches can't be assigned to teams or items

  • Coaches can be be assigned as a subscriber to any team's L10 summary

Coaches have the following permissions:

  • Coaches can view all information about Teams. That includes all Rocks, Issues, To Dos, Scorecard Metrics, Headlines, and Agendas

  • Coaches can create & assign items to anyone on any team throughout the organization

  • Coaches can invites users to Strety

  • Coaches can assign/reassign roles and managers for any user

  • Coaches can view & edit anything within the Company Vision & Roles Charts

  • Coaches can deactivate users

Coaches do not have visibility into the following:

  • Personal/private items (unless they are that person's manager or skip level manager)

Subscribing to L10 Summaries

Your coach may not attend all L10 meetings, but you may want to send them L10 summary emails to help them stay informed.

To subscribe a coach to a team's L10 summary, go to the active L10 agenda, click Edit from the 3-dot menu, and click Edit Subscribers

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