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Whether you're a org-leader, team manager, or an B.O.S facilitator, it's imperative that you have the actionable data at your fingertips - The Strety Pulse Report does just that!

Our Pulse Report allows you to view activity across all the Teams and People in Strety that you already have access to. You can even apply filters for team groupings and adjust the date range for even more customized insights.

To access the Pulse Report, click the reporting icon from the top nav bar

How to Add Team or Date Range Filters

By default, we pull in every Team into the report. You can filter the report to certain teams(s) and see data from a custom data range by leveraging the filters at the top of the report

Drilldown Into the Data

Each chart is enabled with drillldown, so if you want to see which Rocks are off-track or which meetings are ranking below an 8, click into the section of the chart and the table with filter accordingly:

To reset the drilldown, click Reset above the chart (top right)

HR Summary

The Pulse Report's second tab is built around 1x1s and Reviews, making it perfect for HR roles and skip-level managers..

In it, you'll see a manager by manager breakdown of how often they're performing 1x1s and/or reviews with each direct report as well as quick insights to the average ranking of their 1x1s. Use the People and Date Range filters for more customized reports here, too

Issues & To-Dos Added & Resolved

The 3rd & 4th tabs provide a week by week report of how many Issues and To-Dos were added and resolved; we added headers so you can seethe items broken down by teams

To-Dos Currently Open

The final report allows you to see every currently open To-Do, again, filterable by team and/or person, making it a quick & easy way to gauge how much any given team or individual has open on their plate

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