How to Deactivate a User
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When someone leaves your organization but you want to maintain a record of their data/info in Strety, you should deactivate their user rather than delete them entirely.

To deactivate a user navigate to the People page from Adminland, click the 3-dot menu and select Deactivate

Once deactivated, any items assigned to the user will remain visible on their respective team page(s) while the owner's avatar will be greyed out with a 'deactivated' label visible on hover.

You can edit those items and re-assign to other active users or you can keep them assigned to the deactivated user and archive the item

Note: You will not be billed for deactivated users

Reactivating a User

In the event you need to reactivate a user, return to the People page of Adminland and click the Deactivate Users tab. You can restore the user by clicking the 3-dot menu

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