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To access your notification settings, click Notifications from your avatar.

Set your notifications to your preference:

  • Give me everything! - You'll receive notifications for any newly added items within any team you're a member of

  • Only @mentions & to-do assignments - You'll only receive notifications when you are explicitly mentioned or assigned a to do

  • Enabled Toggle - Toggle off if you don't want to receive any Strety notifications

  • How to you want to receive notifications - Options are Teams and Email. *Teams notification option is disabled from browser version*

  • Check In Reminders - When you want to receive a reminder for your Rocks and Scorecard Metrics

Unsubscribing from specific items

While you may want to be notified of any new activity on your team, you have the option to unsubscribe from any specific item if it doesn't involve you or becomes too noisy.

To edit subscribers on a specific item, open any Issue, To-Do, or Headline and click Edit Subscribers. You can also unsubscribe others from an item if you want to limit the noise from non-affected team members

Even if someone is unsubscribed, they will still receive a notification if you @ mention them directly in the comments or context section

@ Mentions

If you ever need to be more direct in your communications in Strety, you can @ mention folks within any context box or comment section. Type in the @ symbol and anyone who has access to the item will populate as options

To remove the @ mention, click the avatar itself

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