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Linking To Dos to Halo Tickets
Linking To Dos to Halo Tickets
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One of the benefits of Strety for EOS or 1x1 Management, is that it doesn't feel like another tool you have to log into. Especially for To Dos that come out of Meetings, Rocks, Issues, and Headlines. This is because we have the ability to link a To Do to Halo tickets

And even better, when a Halo Ticket is resolved, Strety will mark that To Do as closed automatically! (Note, we sync every 30 minutes unless you manually sync from the To Do). See a video for how this works!

Note: Once you link a To Do to Strety, you cannot mark it as closed or not closed in Strety. You have to manage the status of the To Do from the ticket itself.

How Strety Creates To Dos in Halo

Setting up API Integration in Halo

Setting up the Halo API Integration is quick & long you like screenshots:

1. Click into your Configuration settings from your quick links or left sidebar

2. Click Integrations

3. Click HaloPSA API

4. Click View Applications and select "New"


5. From the Details tab

  • A) Name the application "Strety"

  • B) Select Client ID and Secret

  • C) Copy Client ID and paste into Client field in Strety

  • D) Copy Client Secret and paste into Client Secret field in Strety

  • E) Select Agent login type

  • F) Select yourself as Agent to log in as

    • The agent needs to be a member of at least (1) team in Halo in order for Strety to properly validate the integration

6. From the Permissions tab, select the following permissions then click Save

  • read:tickets

  • edit:tickets

  • read:customers

Integrating Halo with Strety

Once you've set-up the Strety API in Halo, access the Integrations page from Adminland and select "Add Halo"

Copy and paste your Client and Client Secret from step 5 above and enter your company slug from your Halo url into the Tenant field and click "Add"

Halo Troubleshooting

If you aren't seeing any selectable options from the customer dropdown double-check the API Permissions are set so that the Customer Access Level is Read Only.

Note: You will need to disconnect and connect the integration to refresh the current token

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