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Strety Changelog #3 - March 6th, 2024
Strety Changelog #3 - March 6th, 2024
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We're moving fast adding new functionality so I wanted to send this a little sooner than normal to keep everyone up to speed. Here's what we've added since our last Changelog just two weeks ago:

Invite Non Microsoft Users to Strety!

Based on popular demand, we added the ability to invite users (or new registrations) who do not use Microsoft or do not want to authenticate with Microsoft. Those users can now authenticate using Email & Password. 2FA using an Authenticator app was included in this release!

This is great for coaches, consultants, or clients who may not be in the Microsoft EcoSystem.

We like to keep things "fun"

Two fun changes were added. At the conclusion step of a L10, Quarterly, or Annual Agenda, you have the ability to send a GIF to all participants. You just check a box before pressing conclude. We also added the ability to change emojis that get fired off when an issue is resolved. Go to your profile page to edit the emojis and also the intensity of which they get fired off! Note, if you want to turn OFF fun, you can do that in your personal settings page as well.

Webinar for Q&A on March 20th

Register here for our first live roadmap update & Q&A webinar. I'll be presenting updates on what we've done and share where we're heading into Q2 as well answer any questions from attendees.

The Other Stuff

There's always small-ish things we work on that bring your feature requests to life. Here's the list:

  1. Merging Issues - When there are two (or more) issues that are the same, you can merge one into the other and they will be linked, but one will be archived. Help Doc

  2. Cascade a Message from Issue - From the same 3-dot menu, you can cascade a message to multiple teams. We'll copy over all the context from the issue and allow you to customize the outgoing message before pressing send. Help Doc

  3. Select All in Cascading Messages - For those with many teams, we added a Select All button that chooses all the teams when creating a message

  4. Send Cascading Message from Quick Create Button - Now you can send a message to all teams from anywhere in the app. These will show up as headlines for all teams selected.

  5. Keeping tabs of Issues sent to other teams - When you send an issue to another team, you can still keep tabs on that issue by clicking on "Sent to Other Teams" checkbox in your origination team issues list.

  6. To Do Sorting includes Assignee - We added Assignee sorting of To Dos.

  7. Custom Avatars - Since we allow users to log in via email, we added the ability to change your personal avatar no matter how you log in.

Not bad for 2 weeks worth of work! Have a great week!


CEO, Strety

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