How to set-up your Company Vision (V/TO)
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The Company Vision or Vision/Traction Organizer (V/TO) is your organization's northstar. It serves as the blueprint for what your organization is, what it stands for, who it serves, and defines it's top-line goals for the next decade

Your Company Vision consists of the following parts:

  • Core Values - Who your company is

  • Focus - Your purpose or mission

  • Grand vision - Where is your company going? Dream big!

  • Strategy - Who is your target market, what makes you unique, what is your guarantee, and what is your proven process

  • 3 Year Goals - Where are you going in the medium term

  • 1 Year Goals - Where are you going in the short term

  • SWOT - What are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats

Taken together, your Company Vision aligns everyone under a shared vision for where you are headed, why you are heading there, and how you plan to get there

To access your Company Vision click on the Company tab from anywhere within Strety

How to add/edit Core Values, Focus, and Strategy

From the Identity tab, click edit on any of the sections

Note: You can add attachments within the descriptions

How to add/edit your Grand Vision, 3yr targets, 1yr targets, and 90 day goals

From the Direction tab, click edit on any of the sections

For your 3yr & 1yr Goals, enter the target date that aligns to when you originally set the goals. Add your Revenue & Profit targets as well as any Goals that will help you achieve them

Note: You can (and should) have different goals for your 3yr and 1yr targets

How to add/edit your SWOT

From the SWOT tab, click edit on any of the sections

How to Restrict access to your Company Vision

By default, your Company Vision is visible to your entire organization. If you'd like to restrict any or all of the sections to only leadership we give you that option. Click on the 3-dot edit menu from anywhere within the Company Vision and toggle to your specs

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