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Strety Changelog #2 - Feb 20th, 2024 | Autotask, Presentation mode, & so much more
Strety Changelog #2 - Feb 20th, 2024 | Autotask, Presentation mode, & so much more
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Time flies when you're having fun and building features! We've done so much that we may have to start sending these notes more often! Disclaimer, if your organization signed up with Strety before November 2023, you're likely on our older version which we'll be migrating you in early March. Stay tuned for that change.

But here we go... our latest updates...

Autotask Integration for To Do linking

Similar to Microsoft Planner, Connectwise, and Kaseya, we have integrated with Autotask so users can create Autotask tickets from Strety To Dos. If you need help with setting up Autotask, check out this link or email us back. We'll continue adding more and more integrations this year.

Big upgrades to L10s, Quarterlies, Annual Agendas

Most of you have probably already felt & seen these upgrades since L10s are used so frequently. We dedicated a resource over the last 4 weeks to make big improvements to the design and usability of these "fixed" type of agendas (note: we call these types of agendas our "fixed agendas" since the agenda is preset). Here are the updates:

  1. Presentation Mode - Whoever starts the agenda becomes the presenter and the rest of the attendees are followers. Their screens will update to the agenda item the presenter moves to. Help Article.

  2. Presence of Attendees - In the bottom left of these agendas, you'll see an attendee container. When someone is actively in the agenda, their avatar will become "active".

  3. Notes - In the newly designed control bar, you can click on Notes and out pops a sidebar to add your notes. Everyone can add notes to an agenda and they will all be consolidated at the end for review and in the email summary.

Updated Roles Chart & Vision Pages

We rebuilt the roles chart to be more user friendly and visually appealing. And we added functionality like expand/collapse roles underneath parent roles. This feature needed that design love. Similar for Vision pages, we made things more visually appealing and added a bunch of little functionality. Included in this update was the ability to show/hide company vision pages from everyone except Leadership Team. If you need help building out your vision pages, let us know!

Exporting these pages is coming soon. We get more requests for exporting to PDF than we care to admit. :)

Upgrades for Issues, Rocks, Metrics, To Dos, Headlines Modals

  1. Modals have back/forward arrows - This is super helpful when starting at the top of a list and reviewing the details of each item.

  2. CMD + Enter to save any/all forms - To keep you moving fast when creating / editing items.

  3. Showing Key Dates (date created, date resolved) - Just a nice affordance when looking at the detail of an item in a modal.

  4. Select All when Cascading Messages - When creating a cascading message, you can quickly select all teams, making it easier (and less clicks) to keep your your teams informed of headlines.

And the other things:

  1. Ungroup Scorecards & Rock Tables - We now have an "ungroup" option so you can customize the order of your metrics or see them by assignee.

  2. Multiple Sort Options for To Dos - We added drag and drop sorting AND sorting by due date or title.

  3. Total Columns in Scorecard - Similar to Average, you can edit at the Team level and add a Total column. And the sum (or average) will only be for the dates selected in the filter.

  4. More options Date Ranges in Scorecards - Speaking of date filters, we added more date options and we'll keep adding options too.

  5. Showing votes per user on Issues page - One we love - when people on issues, their avatar will show up in the top right so you know who's voted and how many times. This helps know when everyone has voted!

  6. Cascading Message from Quick Create - You can cascade a message to multiple teams from the Quick Create button, previously you could only do this from our fixed agendas like L10s.

Not bad for 4 weeks. More to come soon...


CEO, Strety

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