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Linking To Dos to Autotask Tickets
Linking To Dos to Autotask Tickets

Autotask Integration with Strety

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One of the benefits of Strety for EOS or 1x1 Management, is that it doesn't feel like another tool you have to log into. Especially for To Dos that come out of Meetings, Rocks, Issues, and Headlines. This is because we have the ability to link a To Do to Autotask Tickets.

And even better, when a Autotask Ticket is in a resolved status, Strety will mark that To Do as closed automatically! (Note, we sync every 30 minutes unless you manually sync from the To Do). See a video for how this works!

How Strety Creates To Dos in Autotask

Notes on the Integration

  1. Once you link a To Do to Strety, you cannot mark it as closed or not closed in Strety. You have to manage the completion of the To Do from the ticket itself.

  2. Strety only links with Service Tickets. Soon we will have the ability to create/link to Project Tickets and Activities

How to Create the Autotask API User

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