How to Use Strety with Your Clients

Client User Types

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You have clients, vendors, and outside contacts that are vital to the overall success of your business. You meet with them regularly to discuss your shared goals, top priorities, recent progress, and/or outstanding issues and to dos. Strety provides you a centralized and transparent platform to standardize and manage all your most important partnerships

How to Invite a Client User

From People in Adminland click Invite People. Enter their email, select Client as their Role, and assign them any team(s) you want them to have access to

Once a Client is added to a team, we make it obvious so that everyone knows that team is visible to clients as well as identifying who the Client Users are by outlining their avatar in yellow

Client Permissions & Visibility

Client users have limited permissions to only the team(s) they are in. That means no Company/Organization data can be viewed by client users including Company Rocks, Company Vision, or Roles Chart

Additional limitations:

  1. They cannot create or conduct any 1x1s since they have no manager

  2. Can't send Issues to other teams

  3. Can't Cascade Messages to other teams

  4. Cannot have Admin rights

Within the team(s) themselves, Client Users have full functionality. You can set-up L10s or Custom Meetings with clients such as QBRs. Clients can also assign or be assigned Rocks, Scorecard Metrics, Issues, or To Dos in Strety, ensuring visibility & accountability for both sides of the table

Note: Rocks or Scorecard Metrics owned by internal resources can be shared & surfaced across client and non-client teams. This is perfecrt for cascading goals & KPIs from each client team into a consolidated internal 'account managers' or 'success' team

If you would like to connect to discuss how to set-up Strety to manage your clients, reach out to me at and we'll get something on the calendar!

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