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Permission for Agendas (Nov 2023)
Permission for Agendas (Nov 2023)
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As of November 21st, Strety will move all custom agendas to have permissions by Team. This is similar to L10 meetings.

This means we will no longer check who are the attendees from the calendar event and instead base solely on how you have Teams set up. Permissions will then be:

  1. Team Agendas - Anyone on the team has access to current and previous agendas.

  2. 1x1 Agendas - The person the agenda is about and up the chain will have access to these metings.

Agendas created in the past with no Team will be called "Legacy" Agendas and can be edited and placed on a Team so they show up in the Team's previous agendas.

Admins can create / edit / delete teams from the Teams page.

When creating an agenda, you will see Team Selection on the right hand side.

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