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Linking Strety To-Dos to Microsoft Planner
Linking Strety To-Dos to Microsoft Planner
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One of the benefits of Strety for EOS or 1x1 Management, is that it doesn't feel like another tool you have to log into. Especially for To Dos that come out of Meetings, Rocks, Issues, and Headlines. This is because we have the ability to link a Strety To Do to Microsoft Planner

When you log into Strety using your Microsoft log in, you already have your integration set up with PLANNER. When you create a To Do, click on the Planner icon before saving that To Do. You just have to pick which "plan" and then it will get created there.

Two Way Syncs!

Strety and Planner two way sync. So if a date gets changed or To Do is marked as completed / not completed in either system, it will sync with each other.

How it works

Click on planner icon and a plan dropdown appears.

Once created, you will now see the To Do linked to that Planner Task

And in Planner you will see it created in that Plan.

In Microsoft Teams, it show up as Assigned to me.

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