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Linking To Dos to Connectwise Tickets, Activities, & Projects
Linking To Dos to Connectwise Tickets, Activities, & Projects

Strety To Dos can create Connectwise Tickets or Link to them

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One of the benefits of Strety for EOS or 1x1 Management, is that it doesn't feel like another tool you have to log into. Especially for To Dos that come out of Meetings, Rocks, Issues, and Headlines. This is because we have the ability to link a To Do to Connectwise Tickets, Projects, & Activities.

And even better, when a Connectwise Ticket or Activity is in a resolved status, Strety will mark that To Do as closed automatically! (Note, we sync every 30 minutes unless you manually sync from the To Do). See a video for how this works!

Notes on the Integration

  1. Once you link a To Do to Strety, you cannot mark it as closed or not closed in Strety. You have to manage the status of the To Do from the ticket itself.

  2. Strety only links with Service Tickets, Projects, & Activities

  3. We do link with ON PREMISE databases. Just have to hardcode your on premise host URL where the first dropdown is below.

  4. Company is your company_id (try logging out of CW and seeing what you use to log into Connectwise).

Connecting and Editing Connectwise Integration in Strety

But first you have to set up the Connectwise Integration in Strety and customize which company types and which boards you want to have available when creating or linking tickets.

From Integrations in Adminland click Add Connectwise

Add your Host, Company, Public Key, and Private Key

Security Roles in Connectwise

The good news is we only need a few security roles in Connectwise. Here's how to set us up there.

1. Logon to ConnectWise Manage

2. Click System

3. Choose Security Roles

4. Click + to create a new Security Role

5. Enter Strety_Integration for the Role ID

6. Click Save

7. Expand Service Desk

8. Set Resource Scheduling to All | None | None | All

9. Set Service Tickets to All | None | None | All

9b. Expand Companies

9c. Set CRM/Sales Activities to All | None | None | All

9d. For Projects, select the following:

  • Project Headers to Inquire Level = All

  • Project Phase to Inquire Level = All

  • Project Ticket Tasks to Add Level = All & Inquire Level = All

  • Project Tickets to Add Level = All & Inquire Level = All

10. Expand Companies

11. Set Company Maintenance to None | None | None | All

12.. Expand System

13. Set Member Maintenance to None | None | None | All

14. Click Save & Close

Create ConnectWise Manage API Member

1. Click System

2. Choose Members

3. Select API Members

4. Click+to create a new API Member

5. Enter Strety as the Member ID

6. Enter Strety Integration as the Member Name

7. Choose Strety_Integration from the Role ID drop-down

8. Click Save

9. Select the API Keys tab

10. Click+ to create a new API Key

11. Enter Stety API Key in the Description field

12. Click Save

13 Record the Public and Private key in your password repository

Seems like a lot of steps but it'll be quick! Then you're all set to create tickets and activities from Strety or link to them.

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