Check Ins are automated, recurring questions that help to gauge the real-time work, health, and culture of a company. Check Ins keep everyone aligned, engaged, and will help everyone get to know each other better.

Creating a Check in

From the Check Ins tab click Create Check In

Come up with your own prompt or use one of our suggestions to get you started. Include everyone you want to ask, choose the Check In type, determine the cadence, and set the privacy permissions.

Responding to Check ins

From the Check Ins tab, click the Check In from Active Check Ins and provide your answer

You can also respond to Check Ins from the the Strety Chat tab:

Add photos, gifs, and links to your check ins to drive more engagement

Adding Comments

Managers and colleagues can comment on any Check In by clicking on the comment icon

Adding a Check in to a Meeting

If something mentioned in a Check in warrants further discussion, add it to your next 1:1 or team meeting by clicking the Add to a Meeting icon and selecting the intended meeting from the dropdown

Check in Notifications

If private, notifications will be shared with their manager only.

If public, notifications will be shared with the entire organization

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