The Goals tab gives immediate visibility to company and individual goals, including the most recent status update

Create a New Goal

To create a Goal, go to the Goals tab and click Create Goal

Give the Goal a name, a due date, assign ownership, select the type, set privacy permissions and provide a description for additional details or context.

When you click Create Goal, the Goal owner will receive an email notification they’ve been been assigned a new Goal.

You can only create Goals for yourself and any Direct Reports

Updating a Goal

Goal owners will be automatically cued to update their Goal(s) every Monday Strety Chat. You can also add an update anytime by clicking into the Goal and Post Update

A goal's status is mandatory but we encourage leaving additional context with each update. Include any factors that advanced or hindered your progress - especially when targets are missed. This will valuable context to have during performance reviews

Adding Comments

Click on Add Comment icon to ask questions or provide feedback about any Goal update

Adding a Goal Update to a Meeting

If you want to have a lengthier discussion around someone’s Goal Update, add it to your next 1:1 or team meeting. Click on the Add to a Meeting icon and select a meeting from your calendar.

Archiving Goals

All of a Goal's updates and comments are saved so you'll be able to reference them during future reviews or planning meetings.

Access archived goals from the Goals tab by selecting it from the dropdown

Goal Update Notifications

Private updates will be shared between the goal owner and their manager

Public updates will be shared with the entire organization

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