Strety pulls in all the events from your calendar, both recurring and non-recurring. Once you log a meeting in Strety, we show you whether it's part of a recurring series of meetings or a one-off meeting. If it's a one-off meeting, we give you the option to link it to a new or upcoming calendar event

Logged Recurring Meetings

When you log a meeting that's part of a recurring calendar event, we link them together so you can see the next upcoming meeting at the top of a meeting card:

Completed Non-Recurring Meetings

When you complete a meeting from a non-recurring calendar event, we'll give you the option to manually connect it to an event already on your calendar or create a new meeting in Strety to link it to...or you can all it to remain as a one-off meeting

If your meetings are created via ConnectWise and aren't technically "recurring", manually link them in Strety. Your recurring and incomplete Agenda Items will carry over throughout the series of ConnectWise-created calendar events

From a completed non-recurring meeting, click Create New Meeting Agenda

You're given the choice of linking the logged meeting to a new meeting by clicking Create a New Meeting in Strety or linking it to an event already on your calendar clicking Create Agenda on the meeting card

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