Considering KPIs are such an integral part of many meetings, we make it easy for you to add any BrightGauge embeddable gauge to any meeting agenda so when it's time to meet, you're seeing the most up-to-date data and staying within one interface!

How to Add a BrightGauge Public Gauge to an Agenda Item

Select the Edit icon from the Agenda Item and select Add BrightGauge Public Gauge

Paste your BrightGauge Public Gauge's iframe in the description box and click Save

We recommend adding a Comment or a Note to what the gauge read at the time of your meeting as the BrightGauge gauge will continue to automatically update as per BrightGauge sync times even after the meeting it's been logged

For more information on BrightGauge Embeddable Gauges, click here

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