In every Strety meeting, you'll have the opportunity to create public and private notes

How to add to Public Notes

To add public notes to a meeting, click Notes at the bottom of the agenda

Anyone in attendance can add their public notes here throughout the meeting and their notes will automatically update on the agenda for all others to see. At the end of the meeting, we'll consolidate everyone's public notes and give you an option to add some final thoughts or clean them up a bit

Public Notes can be added pre meeting and during the meeting. Once the meeting has been logged, you will not be able to edit the Public Notes for the meeting.

How to add Private Notes

Adding private notes to a Strety meeting ensures your personal thoughts, ideas, questions, and opinions will always be accessible where exactly where you need them and always within context. No more rummaging through post-its, One Note, or Google Docs to find your meeting notes!

From any meeting agenda click on Private Notes to open your Private Notes drawer and click inline to add your notes for the meeting

Private Notes are also meeting specific. If a meeting is part of a recurring calendar event, any Private Notes added from previous meetings will pull-up when you open the Private Notes drawer for an organized history of all your meeting specific notes.

If a meeting is a one-off, Private Notes from other meetings will not appear in your drawer. If you'd like to link the one-off logged meeting to any upcoming calendar event you can easily do that in Strety: See how here

Editing or Deleting Private Notes

Click the More Icon or into the Note box directly to edit or delete a private note entry

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