Meetings are a huge part of our day to day and we should be continually seeking feedback on whether they're valuable uses of everyone's time. If they aren't, that needs to be known and adjustments need to be made. Strety allowed you an easy, automated way to collect employee sentiment so you can know if your meetings are worth the cost to your company

Once a meeting is completed, all attendees will receive a summary from Strety Chat asking them to provide a ranking for the meeting

Aside from the numerical ranking, attendees can provide reasoning and context for their ranking directly within Chat

Reviewing Meeting Rankings

From the Past Meeting Agendas page you'll quickly be able to see the collective average ranking for each meeting based all all attendees who's ranked the meeting. You'll also have a clear indicator of any meetings without a ranking

When you click into the completed meeting, you'll see the ranking + added reason/context for each attendee

Changing your Meeting Ranking

If you want to edit your meeting ranking and/or your reasoning/context, click the Edit icon beside your ranking and select Edit Ranking

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