There are many different types of meetings on our calendars, and with that, it can be time consuming creating new agendas for every one of them. If you find yourself creating a lot of meeting agendas with similar agenda items, creating your own meeting agenda templates for each meeting type will help you standardize your meetings and will be a big time-saver.

Creating a new meeting agenda template

From your Settings tab, click the Meeting Templates page and select Create New Template

Name the template and click Create Template

Add Agenda Items to your template by clicking adding an Item, give each Agenda Item a name and a Description (optional), and click Save

How to make changes to an existing template

If you want to edit the meeting agenda template, including changing its name or deleting the template all together, access the Meeting Templates tab from Company Settings and click the template card you want to edit.

Click + Agenda Item to add additional items or click the Edit icon on an existing Agenda Item to make any changes

To rename the template or delete it, click the Edit icon to the right of it's name

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