Meetings take up real time and cost your company real dollars, so it's critical they're run effectively and efficiently. To ensure that happens, run every meeting with an agenda. A meeting with an agenda gives everyone a chance to better prepare, to be ready to contribute, and to stay on track. Simply put: Strety will help you simplify and automate a large part of that process

How to build a Meeting Agenda

To begin building out a meeting agenda for an upcoming meeting on your calendar, click Create Agenda from the Agendas tab

If you've already connected your calendar, you will see the next 10 days worth of calendar events - any meeting, appointment, placeholder, etc already on your calendar - available for an agenda. Choose the event you want to begin adding an agenda to and click Create Agenda

If you want to begin planning for a meeting further out, select Load Next 7 Days of Events and we'll pull in more

How to add Agenda Items from scratch

To begin building your meeting agenda from scratch, click Adding an agenda item

Give the Agenda Item a name/title and write out a description of what you want to cover if you need to add context and click Save. You can also attach relevant resources and/or drag & drop photos/gifs directly into the description box

How to add Agenda Items from Meeting Templates

Click Meeting Templates and a side drawer will open with tabs for any custom templates you've created and our Strety default templates

Click the template name to expand and see the available Agenda Items and select Add Item for any you want to add to the agenda you're building. If you want to attach the entire agenda, click Add All Items From Template Name

Our meeting agendas are shared, collaborative, and live. You can continue to add agenda items to the meeting any time before you log the meeting

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